Drive Shafts, CV Joint Kits and CV Boot Kits

Today’s Drive Shaft market is currently dominated by remanufacturers, using a costly surcharge system with the uncertainty of core acceptance.

During tough economic times it is essential to offer an advantage in the market place. At BGA, we strive to offer our customers that advantage with “The Smarter Choice” for Drive Shafts, CV Joints Kits and CV Boot Kits.

CV Joints

The CV Joint (Constant Velocity) allows a drive shaft to transmit power at different angles, at a constant rotational speed, without hindrance.

BGA’s CV Joints are real-world tested to ensure optimum performance. As well as a surface, hardness and endurance testing, CV joints are 100% inspected with go/no go spline gauges to ensure that the critical tolerance of the shaft splines is accurate.

Drive Shafts

All BGA Driveshafts are real-world tested to surpass the OE benchmark and are hardness tested to ensure longevity. All shafts are 100% inspected with “go / no go” spline gauges to ensure that the critical tolerance of the shaft splines is accurate. In some applications, in order to avoid excess vibration, a torsional vibration damper is fitted to the shaft.



100% Brand New Units

Consistent OE Quality

OE Specification materials and manufacturing process

Performance tested to OE benchmarks

No more surcharge

No more uncertainty about core acceptance

Automotive Aftermarket Specialist

Expanding our market leading range of engine products

Top 450 Drive Shafts

Top 250 CV Joint Kits

Continued range extension

European and Asian applications

Passenger Car and LCV

BGA is an OE Quality Automotive Aftermarket parts & components supplier selling directly to Buying groups, Distributors, and Motor Factors.

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