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Premium Aftermarket Gaskets, Bolts & Sealing



Gaskets, Bolts & Sealing components manufactured to be equivalent to, or surpassing OE specifications.

With over 6,636 references in our range, we can provide parts for more than 90% of the UK car parc, covering both petrol and diesel cars by all the major European and Asian automotive manufacturers.

OE Quality –

  • Trusted by the largest distributors across the globe for over 12 years – our components are provided with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

Manufacturing –

  • BGA uses OE (original equipment) parameters and tolerances as the mandatory MINIMUM requirements to pass our quality controls – meaning that our components can and will often surpass OE.

Heritage –

  • BGA emerged as the aftermarket division of the 4BG Group, a leading OE Gasket and Engine component manufacturer formed in 1929 producing more than 128 million components annually.

Gaskets, Bolts & Sealing

  • We supply thousands of quality product references – our group’s manufacturing experience of 90 years enables us to supply a leading range of OEM and OE quality Gaskets, Bolts & Sealing components.
  • Our range of specialist gasket references include Copper, Resin Impregnated Fibre and Single-Layer-Steel (SLS) Gaskets, to Multi-Layer-Steel (MLS) and Fibre composite.
  • We supply a range of comprehensive Gasket Sets to provide our customers with an all-in-one solution which has been developed by our Technical Engineering Team to ensure consistent quality.

+6,636 quality references to aid more than 262,570 applications

Product Offering

Head Gasket

Manufactured using sophisticated technologies to ensure durability and flatness.

Manifold Gasket

Built to withstand drastic temperature changes and to provide an air-tight seal.

Crankshaft & Camshaft Oil Seals

Made to resist brittleness & lubricant exposure – our Seals are of premium quality.

Differential Oil Seals

Built for high torque and to withstand the harsh roadside elements.

Timing Cover Gasket

Manufactured to withstand lubricant exposure & engine temperature cycles.

Valve Stem Seal Sets

Precision engineered to allow a controlled amount of oil to lubricate the valve stems.

Rocker Cover Gasket

Quality Rocker Cover Gaskets from BGA are designed to prevent dryness and cracking.

Sump Pan Gaskets

Our premium Sump Pan Gaskets are engineered to withstand road salt, hot oil and more.

EGR Gaskets

Manufactured to withstand drastic temperature changes and to withstand carbon exposure.

Silicone Sealant

Withstands temperatures from -50°C to +300°C and is suited for multiple applications

Head Bolts

Manufactured to give exact stress characteristics necessary for the correct clamping force.


  • Our Gaskets use the latest technologies to develop sophisticated Gaskets and state-of-the-art materials to seal and protect engines.
  • Full competitor and OE cross reference.
  • 4BG Group (Part of BGA) is certified IATF 16949:2016. BGA is certified ISO 9001:2015.
  • Gaskets are available in a variety of material specifications depending on application.
  • The BGA Gasket range has been developed to ensure that our sophisticated Gaskets can withstand drastic changes in temperatures, high combustion pressures, coolant, and lubricant exposure.

BGA 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Our Guarantee Solution

We are so confident in our high-quality standards that we are offering a 3 Year (36 months) Manufacturer’s Warranty for all of our replacement components to support our quality assurance commitment.

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