Power Steering Pumps

Why Choose BG Automotive?

Power Steering Pumps are an important addition to our range of engine products. As a leading automotive pump specialist, BGA are the aftermarket’s very first manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of Water, Oil and Power Steering Pumps.

Consistent OE quality, no remanufactured product.

Performance tested meeting or exceeding OE specifications.

Test certificate supplied with every pump.

Power Steering Pump

Today’s Power Steering Pump market is currently dominated by remanufacturers, using a costly surcharge system, with the uncertainty of core acceptance. During tough economic times it is essential to offer an advantage in the market place. At BGA we strive to offer our customer that advantage with “The Smarter Choice” for Power Steering Pumps.


To ensure the utmost quality, BGA only manufactures 100% brand new Power Steering Pumps, avoiding the inconsistencies that can occur with remanufacturing. Every pump is manufactured using the latest OE technology in our state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled facility. We can guarantee that 100% of our range is rigorously tested throughout the manufacturing process before being subjected to multiple levels of quality control prior to being released for sale. All of which means that we are supplying our customer ‘The Smarter Choice’ on aftermarket Power Steering Pumps.

Range Features

FLOW CONTROL VALVE is a precision-fit valve controlled by spring pressure and fluid pressure. Any dirt or roughness on the valve results in erratic pump pressure. The flow control valve contains a pressure relief valve where high-pressure fluid is forced past the control valve to the outlet fitting. Every flow control valve is tested prior to fitment to the pump and tested again once the pump is assembled. Performance is benchmarked against the OE approved tolerance.

ROTATING COMPONENTS inside the pump housing include the shaft and rotor. The vanes are mounted in the rotor slots. A seal between the output shaft and the housing prevents oil leaks. As the pulley drives the pump shaft, the vanes rotate inside an elliptically shaped opening in the cam ring. The cam ring remains in a fixed position inside the pump housing. A pressure plate is installed in the housing behind the cam ring.

PULLEYS supplied with the BGA pumps have been designed according to OE thickness specifications and rib profiles, ensuring the smooth running of the belts which avoids noises or vibrations. The pulleys are press steel coated which ensures corrosion resistance for the life of the part.

SEALS within the pumps have been manufactured from OE specification materials to the highest standard. Drawing on over 85 years of OE sealing manufacturing experience.

OE Testing

Every Power Steering Pump manufactured by BGA is subjected to a rigorous testing program. The pumps are tested throughout the manufacturing process, to ensure that they are match OE specifications. Once assembled the Pumps then pass through multiple levels of quality control. The first step is the dimensional accuracy of the product, checking the BGA Pump vs. Technical Drawing vs. OE Master Sample. The final test includes performance testing, simulating real-world driving conditions. All testing for the Power Steering Pumps is carried out by our experienced Technical Engineering Department, in the U.K.

Say goodbye to remanufactured Power Steering Pumps…

Brand New

Surcharge Free

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