Why Choose BG Automotive?

To ensure the utmost quality, our cooling range is manufactured using the latest technology in our state-of-the-art facilities. We are insistent on employing stringent quality control inspections throughout the process, ensuring our range continues to outperform in the aftermarket.

Corrosion resistant aluminium and steel impellers used in excess of 99% of the BGA water pump range. This provides better longevity than the standard plastic alternative.

OE Matching Quality

12 Months/12,000 mile Warranty

Water Pumps

Our water pumps are individually boxed with accompanying gaskets, associated components and o-ring seals, providing installers with a one-box solution. Our product development has refined and defined our range to always provide the highest quality, performance and efficiency. An example of which is by providing stainless steel or aluminium impellers over OE plastic. We are now a dependable solution for matched or surpassed OE quality.

Radiator Caps

Extensive quality control procedures are applied to the manufacturing process, including 100% pressure release testing. A great additive to our cooling range.


Sitting between the engine and the radiator, the thermostat blocks the flow of coolant to the radiator until the engine has warmed up. The thermostat reduces engine wear, deposits and emissions. As with our water pump kits, the thermostat comes with everything you need to complete the job.

Water Flanges

Water Flanges are a pivotal component of the cooling system, acting as the junction point for coolant to be distributed to ancillary parts within the engine bay.

Viscous Fans

The Viscous Fan, otherwise known as a Fan Clutch, is a thermostatic device commonly used in many Asian and European RWD vehicles. This intelligent component improves engine efficiency by regulating the RPM of the engine Fan and cool air supply.

Cooling Kits


OE quality silicon carbide mechanical seals increase service life of BGA Pumps that are subject to demanding environments.

High quality NBR rubber o-ring seals provide excellent compression set increasing durability.

High torque precision bearings with PA polymer cages for high operating speeds.


Water Pumps from BGA are tested to meet or exceed OE standard service intervals stimulating real-world driving conditions. The rigorous procedure includes endurance and performance testing, alongside dimensional accuracy inspections; all of which is carried out by our experienced Technical Engineering Team.

BGA is an OE Quality Automotive Aftermarket parts & components supplier selling directly to Buying groups, Distributors, and Motor Factors.

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