Water Flanges

Water Flanges are a pivotal component of the cooling system, acting as the junction point for coolant to be distributed to ancillary parts within the engine bay. Recognising the importance of this component, we have launched a range of Water Flanges that meet and exceed the highest OE standards. Our range consists of 38 OE quality part numbers covering more than 2,200 applications, with expansion of the range ongoing throughout 2015.

Damage to a Water Flange can occur easily. Removal of adjoining hoses during general maintenance, cracking during winter months and contamination to the silicone o-ring from leaking oil can all contribute to the impairment of this product. A damaged Water Flange has the potential to be detrimental to an engine. Lack of coolant can result in overheating, under-performance and ultimately complete engine failure. Our Water Flange range contains references to fit a whole host of popular vehicles. Individually boxed in eye-catching packaging, Water Flanges are set to be yet another popular aftermarket cooling product from BGA.