Sump Plugs

Following the successful launch of Sump Pan Kits in 2012, we have now added an extension to our range in the form of individually packed Sump Plugs. Our Sump Plug range consists of 41 individually packed part numbers covering more than 10,000 applications. Each quality Plug comes with its relevant washer or seal for secure and correct fitting.

Don’t re-use, replace.

The Sump Plug is a bolt fitted into the Sump Pan that allows oil to be drained from the engine when contaminants build up.

Performing an oil change can damage the Sump Plug. This damage can occur while it is being removed, re-used and over tightened. As a result, the threads can be stripped or shredded.

Due to the risks involved in re-using a Sump Plug, it is seen as best practice for installers to replace this item with a new one after removal; every service, oil change or engine repair.

Put into perspective, there are over 32 million cars and light commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom requiring a service each year. Our research suggests that around 1.5 million Sump Plugs are changed annually. This opens a huge opportunity for the entire aftermarket and in particular a lucrative service upsell for the garage.

As one of the largest Sump Pan Kit suppliers in Europe, we firmly believe that our new offering of individual Sump Plugs will be a welcome addition to new and exisiting customers.