Timing Chain Kits, Timing Belt Kits, Oil Control Valves

Our Timing solutions are the first premium aftermarket range offering the customer a choice in the competitive market.

With over 400 references in our range, we can provide parts for more than 90% of the UK car parc, covering both petrol and diesel cars by all the major European and Asian automotive manufacturers.

Timing Chain Kits

Premium aftermarket Timing Chain Kits from BG Automotive include over 250 quality references to aid more than 2,800 of the most popular applications. Including components such as Tensioners, Guides, Sprockets and Gaskets where applicable, our Timing Chain Kits are some of the most complete in the industry.

Timing Belt Kits and Components

Manufactured by a well known OE supplier and using HNB rubber provides exceptional petrochemical resistance and high operational temperature properties.

Construction includes Aramid braided cord, manufactured from OE materials to generate tensile load resistance.

Timing Belt Kits with Water Pump

As a part of our complete Timing solution, BGA offer a range of Timing Belt Kits including Water Pump. Providing a complete and accomplished OE quality solution for automotive engineers and installers. Our comprehensive Kits have been created using specially sourced premium quality materials and are manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Oil Control Valves

As an engine parts specialist, BGA are now able to offer the aftermarket a complete range of Oil Control Valves. The addition of this product complements our massively popular Timing Chain and Timing Belt ranges meaning we are now able to offer the complete program from VVT to control valve to timing belt and chain.

BGA is an OE Quality Automotive Aftermarket parts & components supplier selling directly to Buying groups, Distributors, and Motor Factors.

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