Crankshaft Pulleys

BG Automotive provide one of the most relevant European ranges of TVDs from the basic Harmonic Single Piece Pulley to the more complex Decoupled Pulley. Our range contains hundreds of selling references covering a wide range of applications.

Fitting in excess of 4,700 applications, Crankshaft Pulleys from BG Automotive cover a good percentage of the UK car parc.

Each Crankshaft Pulley has been manufactured to our exacting standards and examined using our bespoke testing facilities by our experienced Technical Engineering Team. Our stringent technical and quality standards mean we can confidently offer a range of premium aftermarket Crankshaft Pulleys that meet and exceed the quality of OE comparisons.


Crankshaft Pulley Kits

Having provided a successful range of Crankshaft Pulleys since 2008, we have expanded our range to include Crankshaft Pulley Kits.

Each Kit comprises of a Crankshaft Pulley and the relevant Crank Pulley Bolts, used to hold the Pulley to the end of the Crankshaft. Our new Crankshaft Pulley Kits cover the majority of BGA’s most popular Crankshaft Pulley references and are available now.

The majority of Crank Pulley Bolts are Torque to Yield (TTY), which once fitted, are tightened close to their elastic limit. Due to this, it is seen as best practice that they are only used once and should not be re-used. If re-used, the Bolts are susceptible to snapping and the chance of failure is greatly increased.

For the modern installer, every minute counts. With BGA Crankshaft Pulley Kits, installers are no longer burdened with having to source the correct Crank Pulley Bolts and can fit the Kit safe in the knowledge that the correct variant has been used.

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