85 years group experience enables us to supply a leading range of OEM and OE quality Gaskets and Gasket Sets, including thousands of selling references covering in excess of 25,000 applications.

Our history in Gasket manufacturing has given us one of the strongest names in the aftermarket. With one of the largest ranges available, we are proud to provide our customers with references that fit all major automotive manufacturers. In addition to Gaskets, we also supply Oil Seals, Rocker Covers and Manifold Gaskets to complete our comprehensive sealing programme.

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Product Overview



Modern Gaskets from BG Automotive are available in a variety of material specifications.

Our range includes specialist references such as Copper, Resin Impregnated Fibre and Single-Layer-Steel (SLS) Gaskets, to Multi-Layer-Steel (MLS) and Fibre composite.

Gasket Sets

We supply a range of comprehensive Gasket Sets to provide our customers with an ‘all-in-one’ solution.

Our Gaskets and their associated components have been and continue to be developed side-by-side by our Technical Engineering Team to ensure a top quality product.