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Timing Belt Kit

Our Timing Belt solutions are the first premium aftermarket range offering the customer a choice in a competitive market. We offer multiple options; with parts supplied as complete engine kits or alternatively as loose components, ensuring that you can supply your customer with the parts they need.

With over 400 references in our range, we can provide parts for more than 90% of the UK car parc, covering both petrol and diesel cars by all the major European and Asian automotive manufacturers. Our Timing Belts have been created using specially sourced premium quality materials and manufactured by the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Description Part Number Reference Bulletin Number
1 Timing Belt installation VAG 1.9/2.0 PD Engine TB0100K, TB0100CPK, TB0120K, TB0120CPK, TB0130K, TB0130CPK TB-0730-122016
2 Installation advice TB0140K TB-0731-052015
3 Installation advice – BC0100-1 TB0100K, TB0100CPK, TB0130K, TB0130CPK TB-0752-122016
4 Installation advice – BC0120-1 TB0120K, TB0120CPK-1, TB0120CPK2, TB0120CPK-3,TB0120CPK-4 TB-0753-122016
5 Correct fitment – BC7300-1 BC7300-1, CP7046T TB-0764-062018
6 Correct fitment – BC6020-1 BC6020-1, CP3282 TB-0765-072018

Timing Chain Kit

Premium aftermarket Timing Chain Kits from BG Automotive include over 250 quality references to aid more than 2,800 of the most popular applications.

Our Timing Chain Kits are some of the most complete in the industry, including components such as Tensioners, Guides, Sprockets and Gaskets where applicable. All of our Timing Chain Kits have been developed and checked in-house using our bespoke testing facilities by our Technical Engineering Team.

Description Part Number Reference Bulletin Number
7 Installation advice – Ford Duratorq engine TC2000FK TB-0717-092013
8 Timing Chain Kit installation TC0380FK, OS8321, LP0968 TB-0733-072015
9 Timing Chain Kits for Japanese marques TC2530FK, TC5410FK, TC6300FK, TC6310FK, TC9100FK PB-0001-092015
10 Timing Chain Kits for German marques TC0100K, TC0106K, TC0107K, TC0110K, TC0140K, TC0920K, TC5610K PB-0002-092015
11 Timing Chain Kits for BMW Group TC0900FK, TC0912K, TC0920K, TC2015K, TC2020K, TC2025K, TC2045K PB-0003-102015
12 Installation advice TC0150FK, TC0151FK TB-0741-032016
13 Fitment of tensioners TCK2210FK, TCK2210K TB-0754-012017
14 Installation advice TC0635FK TB-0757-042017
15 Installation Advice TC0290FK, TC6320FK, TC6321FK, TC6322FK, TC6323FK, LP6300, LP6305 TB-0758-042017
16 Differences between TC9600FK & TC9601FK TC9600FK, TC9601FK TB-0759-042017
17 Upgraded tensioner TC0900K, TC0900FK, TC0960FK TB-0769-012019

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