Power Steering Pump

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Power Steering Pump

BGA Power Steering Pumps represent a quality, hassle free solution. Our range of Power Steering Pumps will be 100% brand new without a surcharge system. BGA have also looked to address one of the main reason for premature pump failure, which is the lack of a robust system flush prior to a new unit being installed.

Description Part Number Reference Bulletin Number
1 Correct pulley measure General advice TB-0738-022016
2 Pipe installation instructions PSP2365 TB-0739-022016
3 Best practice I PSP2310, PSP2315, PSP3300, CP3316, CP3316H TB-0743-032016
4 Know your fluid General advice TB-0744-032016
5 Best practice II PSP0910, CP7140T TB-0747-042016
6 Best practice III PSP2330, CP4414E TB-0748-042016
7 Installation advice PSP2300 TB-0755-012017
8 Correct fitment PSP2300, PSP2320, PSP2340 TB-0756-012017


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