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Our range includes bare and housed Thermostats, ECU controlled Thermostats and complete Thermostat Kits.

The comprehensive BG Automotive Thermostat range is manufactured using the latest techniques and materials, covers most of the world’s automotive brands. Ensuring the very best quality in a wide range of designs and temperature ratings to fit most applications.

Description Part Number Reference Bulletin Number
1 Cooling System refill – Replacing CT5058 on the KV6 engine CT5058 TB-0720-102013
2 Differences – CT1400-CT1402-CT1403-CT1471-CT5648 CT1400, CT1402, CT1403, CT1471, CT5648 TB-0760-052017


Water Pump

BGA supply a leading range of Water Pumps. Engineered to OE quality standards, our Water Pump range exceeds 650 references.

Water Pumps are individually boxed with accompanying gaskets, associated components and o-ring seals, providing installers with a one-box solution. Product development has refined and defined our range in an aim to improve quality, performance and efficiency.

Description Part Number Reference Bulletin Number
3 Water Pump installation CP2424, CP3358, CP3384 TB-0712-092013
4 Water Pump options – Renault 1.5 DCI engine CP3314, CP4264E TB-0722-102013
5 Opel/Vauxhall Water Pumps Applications (Pierburg & SHW) CP7180T, CP6580H, CP3212 TB-0729-062015
6 Water Pump-Mechanical Seal Noise General advice TB-0740-022016
7 CP3826-Fitment advice CP3826 TB-0742-032016
8 Water Pump – Best practice I PSP2310, PSP2315, PSP3300, CP3316, CP3316H TB-0743-032016
9 Water Pump – Best practice II PSP0910, CP7140T TB-0747-042016
10 Water Pump – Best practice III PSP2330, CP4414E TB-0748-042016
11 Correct fitment – BC7300-1 BC7300-1, CP7046T TB-0764-062018
12 Correct fitment – BC6020-1 BC6020-1, CP3282 TB-0765-072018


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