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Description Part Number Reference Bulletin Number
1 Differences  CS2542-CS6300-CS6319 CS2542, CS6300, CS6319 TB-0771-042019

Crankshaft Pulley

BG Automotive provide one of the most relevant European ranges of TVDs from the basic Harmonic Single Piece Pulley to the more complex Decoupled Pulley. Our range contains hundreds of selling references covering a wide range of applications.

Description Part Number Reference Bulletin Number
2 Crankshaft timing reset – Ford Duratorq engine General advice TB-0719-102013
3 Crankshaft Pulley – Correct fitment DP0374, DP0374K TB-0749-072016
4 Correct fitment DP1200, DP1195 TB-0770-012019

Rocker Arms & Lifters

Providing a comprehensive range of Rocker Arms and Shafts, Cam Followers, Hydraulic and Mechanical Lifters to meet the demands of the aftermarket.

Hardness and surface tested to ensure toughness and durability, our stringent testing procedures ensure our products meet the requirements of modern engine demands.

Description Part Number Reference Bulletin Number
5 Hydraulic lifter replacement General advice TB-0713-092013
6 Rocker replacement RA1448, RA1449, RA1469, RA1470, RS2301, RS2302 TB-0718-092013

Valves & Guides

BG Automotive’s compelling Valve and Valve Guide range provides for a wide range of European and Asian vehicles, exceeding 1,500 references supporting more than 12,000 applications.

Our quality range of Valves and Valve Guides provide for the perfect solution for any mechanic or automotive factor. Both products have been developed by our specialist Technical Engineering Team, and are created using high quality materials matching and exceeding that of OE comparisons.

Description Part Number Reference Bulletin Number
7 Valve Breakage – Renault 1.4L and 1.6L 16 valve engines V331034,V0331033,V033380,V039423,V039486, V039487,V039502,V039503,V991581,V991582 TB-0701-092013
8 Valve Breakage – Renault 1.8L and 2.0L 16 valve engines V991863, V991864 TB-0702-092013
9 Valve application V033394, V033413, V033438 TB-0705-092013
10 Valve train components General advice TB-0714-092013
11 Valve Guide replacement  General advice TB-0715-092013

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