BGA Star Climbers II

BGA have launched a total of 177 part numbers since December last year and the below are the latest rising stars within our product ranges:

Part Number Description Make Model Engine Year
DP5900 Crankshaft Pulley Mini One W10B16A 2001-2006
RK2363 Rocker Cover Gasket Set Hyundai i20 G4FA 2008-2014
RK1405 Rocker Cover Gasket Set Peugeot 206 NFU(TU5JP4) 2000-
SK6350 Oil Seal Nissan X-Trail M9R 2007-2013
TC2501FK Timing Chain Full Kit Honda Accord K24A 2003-2008

Climbers July

DP5900 – fits the Mini 1.6 petrol engine and has taken off since its launch in March.  When this pulley fails it separates into two pieces, causing all of the accessory items driven by the belt to stop spinning.

RK2363 – fits the G4FA Hyundai/Kia engine which is assembled in the i20, i30, ix20, Ceed, Rio and Venga.  During Timing Chain replacement (TC2720FK or TC2720VFK) the rocker cover needs to be removed so replacement of the rocker cover gasket is recommended.

RK1405 – The Rocker Cover gasket generally needs to be removed to access any work done on the cylinder head, such as Spark plug replacement or any other type of maintenance. BGA are now pleased to offer the complete Rocker Cover Gasket Set for the 1.6 Peugeot NFU engine.

TC2501FK – fits the K24A Honda engine.  The timing chain is prone to stretching on this engine leading to loss of power.  If this continues damage can be done to other components in the engine and eventually a costly repair bill.  If loss of power has been diagnosed as a problem, change the chain with a BGA Timing Chain Kit that includes the chain, guides, tensioner and sprockets.