Behind the Brand: BGA

Why choose BGA as your preferred Automotive Aftermarket Parts & Components supplier?

Firstly, let’s get into BGA’s product offering:

Auxiliary Drive
Drive Belts
Crankshaft Pulleys
Overrunning Alternator Pulleys
Idler Pulleys

Camshafts (kits available)
Rocker shafts
Rocker arms
Valves & guides
Cam adjusters

Water pumps
Radiator caps
Water flanges
Viscous fans

Head bolts
Silicone sealant

Sump pans
Sump plugs
Oil pumps
Oil control valves
Transmission pans

Power Steering Pumps

Steering & Suspension
Track Control Arms
Ball joints
Stabiliser links
Tie rod ends
Strut mounts
Engine mounts

Timing belt kits
Timing chain kits
Timing covers
VVT sprockets

Drive shafts
CV joints

A deeper understanding of how BGA support you to stay on top of any competition:

Product Management

BGA’s expert Product Management team ensures that by country, the correct range of products are released into the market at a very competitive price, by analysing all competition, industry data, and trends within the specified areas. This is a very data heavy department, ensuring databases and customers worldwide are fed the correct information live on platforms such as TecDoc.


Boasting over 250 years of experience throughout BGA’s technical department and a large range of real life simulation machines capable of running product tests for over a million cycles, we can assure all products released from the production line into the market are simultaneously tested side by side to OE products, ensuring quality is met and in some cases, re-engineered to increase efficiency and longevity.

All customers are assigned a dedicated Technical support line for any queries.


BGA’s Marketing team is responsible for all communications, marketing support, and relaying targeted messages from the Product Management/ Technical department to Motor Factors ensuring educational, informative, and promotional campaigns and messaging is distributed through various channels.

Marketing directly support Motor Factors with incentives, POS displays, and creating end-user demand through various Brand Awareness campaigns within the Motor Factors specified region.


With over 40,000 product references and thousands of products leaving the warehouse in the UK every day, our specialist Logistics team of over 60 are strategically positioned to ensure BGA meets the customer demand.

Whether your order consists of a parcel, carton, pallet or container, all products are available for same day shipping by air, sea, road or express.

30% > Saving from a first line product offering, and higher profits!

20% Yearly company growth, ever expanding product range.

Unmatched product support, warranty and training courses.

Multi-lingual customer service and advice.

90 Years of Original Equipment Heritage

BGA is the aftermarket division of the British Gaskets Group (4BG); a leading original equipment gasket and engine component manufacturer formed in 1929.

The group’s manufacturing skill and diversity means products are produced for a wide range of industries – including Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Domestic Appliances, Maritime, Petrochemical and Rail.

Being part of 4BG allows all the companies within the group to access state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, experience and equpment further giving BGA the edge when it comes to production of high quality products for the Aftermarket.



214M Yearly Turnover

10+ Factories

120M+ Produced Annually

90+ Years Manufacturing

98% Car parc coverage