BGA Star Climbers

BGA have launched a total of 67 part numbers since December last year and the below are the latest rising stars within our product ranges:

Part Number Description Make Model Engine Year
TC9600FK Timing Chain Full Kit VW Golf CBZB 2009-2011
TC7320FK Timing Chain Full Kit Renault Master M9T670 2010-
RK0100 Rocker Cover Gasket Set Audi A1 CAYC 2011-
HK2327 Head Gasket Set Ford Fiesta SFJA 2012-


TC9600FK fits the popular 1.2L CBZA and CBZB set of VAG engines. The initial design of the timing chain was poor with the links wearing quickly leading to the chain stretching. This stretch leads to a ticking noise when the engine is started – this tends to go away after a few seconds but does signify a problem with the timing chain. The timing is then set incorrectly which leads to errors coming up on the PCM including camshaft and crankshaft position sensor codes.

TC7320FK – fits the 2.3L M9T engine fitted to Nissan, Renault and Vauxhall vans. Recommended by Nissan to replace the chain every 180,000 miles, the chain will show signs of stretch at around 60,000 miles. BGA recommend changing the chain, tensioner, guides and sprockets for this engine.

RK0100 – fits various 1.6TDi and 2.0TDi VAG engines. This gasket will need replacing once it begins to crack as oil will start to leak out of the valve cover and possibly into the spark plug holes.

HK2327 – fits the Ford 1.0L Ecoboost engine fitted to the B-Max, C-Max, Fiesta, Focus and Transit Connect. This set contains the head gasket, rocker cover gasket, manifold gaskets, valve stems seals and all the other gaskets required to do the entire top end job for these engines.